Starbucks Locator App for Windows Phone With Another Major Update

If there is one app in my life that I truly miss since coming back to Windows Phone it is the Starbucks app.  The company doesn’t make an official one for Windows Phone and I thought I had found the answer in MyBucks for Windows Phone but it has since been pulled from the Windows Phone Store as well.  Imagine my surprise then when I saw the Starbucks Locator app in the Store and not only that, the developer (Lancelot Software) is doing an epic job of keeping it up to date with new features and fixes.  Last week it receive a major update to version 2.0 with complete new UI and other updates.  Today it has received another major update, this one brining more security, a reduced app size and several new fixes.  The update, version 2.1 for those keeping score at home, is available now in the Windows Phone Store.

Starbucks Locator – Free – Download Now

As the name suggests, the Starbucks Locator app allows you to find your nearest Starbucks (let’s be honest, there is never one too far away) but it allows you to do much more than that.  You can input your Starbucks card and it will generate a barcode in the app so you can pay for your coffee with it and you can even pin that barcode to your Windows Phone Start screen for quick access.  The only thing that this app doesn’t do is actually keep track of your Starbucks account to show you how far away you are from an award.  But you can pay with the app and that for me is a huge benefit.

Starbucks Locator App Store Details
Starbucks Locator App Store Details
Starbucks Locator App List of Stores
Starbucks Locator App List of Stores

In the new 2.1 build you will find the following updates and changes:

  • Full password protection (multi-character, 24 length max)
  • Data Compression support (uses much less bandwidth per search)
  • Zoomed in view for barcode
  • 33% smaller! Reduced app size to 2MB.
  • Added Delete context menu for the Cards list
  • New logarithms to detect invalid characters in the card number. This prevents breaking barcode generation and bad scans at the store.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping a map pin loaded bad data into the old details page.
  • Fixed a problem loading the map in some countries where all the store have the same name
  • numerous tweaks

The Starbucks Locator app is a free app and works on both 512MB and 1GB Windows Phone devices.  It is ad supported but you can remove those ads for .99 Cents.  If you use the app and like it, its a great way to support the developer.

Starbucks Locator – Free – Download Now