T-Mobile Site Now Shows The Lumia 640 As Coming Soon

Yesterday I posted that AT&T is now listing the Lumia 640XL on their website as a device that is “Coming Soon”.  Now T-Mobile has gotten in on the act with the Lumia 640.  When it was launched last week at Mobile World Congress, T-Mobile was one of the first to sign up to get the Lumia 640 along with AT&T and MetroPCS.   While none of the carriers have them in stock yet, T-Mobile is now listing it as “Coming Soon” on their website.

Although the updated T-Mobile site doesn’t show a date or price for the Lumia 640, it is generally anticipated that pre-orders will start this week or next with a mid-April delivery date.  That mid-

Lumia 640 on T-Mobile Website

Lumia 640 on T-Mobile Website

April date is also likely the point where your local stores will be carrying the new device.

The Lumia 640 will run on the Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor at 1.2GHz and will sport a 8GB of storage on board.  That can be augmented with up to 128GB on a MicroSD card.  The rear camera is a 8MP autofocus capable of shooting 1080p video while the front facing camera is a HD 1MP wide angle. The display is a 5″ HD 1280×720 IPS that does support Glance which if you don’t have, once you do, will love.

As for pricing, you can probably expect between a $149-199 price tag on the Lumia 640 but where that ultimately falls will not be known until orders are taken on them.



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