Google Drive Update Brings Performance and PDF Viewer Enhancements

The cloud storage app Google Drive has been updated for Android devices, bringing with it several performance improvements along with improvements to the built-in PDF viewer.  The update, version for those keeping score at home, is available now for all Android devices.

Google has indicated in the release notes that this update to Google Drive brings performance and interface improvements.  In my testing of this update this morning, the update appears to have solved some lagging performance.  I have not noted any interface improvements but it could simply be that Google is referring to these performance improvements of the interface and not changes to the interface itself.  Regardless, it does appear that the update makes the app a bit more snappy in performance on my BLU VIVO IV.

Google Drive for Android – Free – Download Now

The other big change in this update to Google Drive is around the PDF Viewer.  A PDF viewer has been in the app for some time now but if you viewed a file with form data, you more-often-than-not would not see that data.  That changes with this update.  Now when you open a PDF in Google Drive, you see the entire file including the form data.  This is a a big improvement and will come

Google Drive for Android

Google Drive for Android

in handy for those who view PDFs regularly that have such data (think real estate agents for example).

Aside from these two improvements, there is the customary bug fixes in this release but what specifically was addressed is not stated in the release notes.

For those who are looking for a cloud-based storage solution, Google Drive is a pretty good option.  You get 15GB free when you sign up for a Google account and photos under 2048 in resolution are free to store and do not count against your quota.  You also have option to purchase additional storage with 100GB going for a mere $1.99 per month while 1TB is $9.99 per month.  While Microsoft’s OneDrive remains the best overall value, especially for Office 365 users who get unlimited data for $9.99 per month, Google Drive is certainly a viable alternative for those who do not use Office.  Like OneDrive, Google Drive also can be accessed via the web or via apps for PC and Mac.

The Google Drive for Android app is free and this update is now in the Play Store.




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