Google Play Books Updated With New Font

Google has released a minor update to their eBook reader app, Google Play Books.  The update, version 3.4.9 for those keeping score at home, brings a new font that is, by their definition, “designed for book lovers”.  The new font, Literata, can be selected from the font menu in the app and joins the five other fonts that are available to make it a better reading experience.  For those who are not familiar with it, the Google Play Books is an eBook app that gives you access to millions of books through the Google Play Store.  Much like the Kindle app from Amazon, this app gives you the ability to read eBoooks, PDFs or EPUB files and you can get a sample of every book in the library to read before you make the buying decision.

Google Play Books – Free – Download Now

While a new font may not sound like that big of a deal, for those who read a lot of eBooks (Clinton raises his hand), finding a font that is easy to read for extended periods of time makes the app more enjoyable.

Along with the new font, this update to Google Play Books also brings the standard stability and performance enhancements which, per the norm, are a mystery as to what exactly was addressed.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books


Here are some of the key features of the app if you are looking for a new eBook reader or just getting started in building your electronic libary:

  • Read offline
  • Bookmark pages, highlight text, and add notes
  • Elegant 3D page turns
  • Bookmarks, notes, and reading positions are synced across your phones, tablets and computers
  • Search within books, use dictionary, find geographical information, discover web results, and wikipedia right on the page
  • Select fonts, font size, and layout for flowing text books
  • Choose day, night, and sepia reading modes
  • Listen to books with text-to-speech when publisher allows
  • Upload PDF or EPUB files to your library

Google Play Books is a free app and books within the Google Play library range in cost from free up to $19.99 depending on the book.



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