YouTube for Android Updated With Improved Music Search

YouTube for Android has been updated today bringing with it a much improved music search functionality and a tab on the app’s home screen for you to find music videos.  The update is version 10.18.55 for those keeping score at home and solidifies YouTube as becoming an ever growing source of music videos with many top artists posting their videos through VEVO.  Now you can quickly and easily find videos in a wide range of categories just by swiping to the Music tab in the YouTube app and play them straight away without having to search for them.

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When you open the YouTube app after this update, you will see a Music tab next to your Home tab.  Swipe or tap to it and you will see a list of Recommended videos to watch.  These are not only contemporary pop artists but others as well.  When I started up the app this morning, I had everything from Taylor Swift to PSY’s Gangnam Style on my recommended list.  You can also expand

YouTube for Android

YouTube for Android

the list by tapping the down carrot icon to see more videos.

If you swipe down on the Music tab you will see other categories such as Latest Music Videos and Top Music Videos by genre.  On the Top Music Videos, it is sub-divided into areas such as Top Pop tracks, Top Rock tracks, Top Hip Hop tracks and so forth.  This is followed by a New & Noteworthy playlist section that has offerings such as new music videos that have been released this week.

Other categories include videos to help with that morning workout in the gym and mood music.

YouTube has long had music videos on the service and search for them has been ever improving both in their apps as well as the website.  This new edition to the Android app will make that much easier to get to those videos and maybe even serve up something new to you that you haven’t seen or considered.

The YouTube Android app is a free download and available now for all Android devices.


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