eWallet for Android Gets Several Bug Fixes

Users of Ilium Software’s eWallet for Android have a new and important update to download today from the Google Play Store.  The app has been updated to verson 8.0.5 for those keeping score at home and this build has a lot of bug fixes and improvements to the electronic wallet app, especially those impacted by a crashing issue or opening a wallet from email.  I have been a user of eWallet for about a thousand years now – all the way back to my PocketPC days back in (dating myself here) 1999.  While there are plenty of other wallet solutions out there, I’ve always found eWallet to be a solid performer regardless of platform.  If you haven’t check out the app, here are some of the highlights:

  • 256-bit military-grade AES encryption
  • Sync your data seamlessly over the cloud (Dropbox) or via Wi-Fi with eWallet’s PC version; or sync via Wi-Fi with eWallet’s Mac version (PC and Mac versions purchased separately)
  • Random password generator to keep your login details safe and secure
  • Store bank account, insurance and personal details. Keep all your info close at hand, and secure
  • Auto-locking feature
  • Create and sync multiple wallets between computers and devices
  • Customize your wallets with great-looking cards, backgrounds and categories
  • AutoPass automatic password entering through built-in browser control

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As for this update to eWallet for Android, users who have tried opening their wallet from email should now be able to do so.  In the previous build this worked haphazardly at best but now in my testing works with no problem at all.

eWallet for Android
eWallet for Android

Secondly, there were some users who were impacted by an infrequent crash issue.  That too has been addressed even though the issues wasn’t wide spread.  I had a crash of the app happen on my BLU VIVO IV device but never had a problem with it on my OnePlus One.

There are of course other fixes and enhancements in this update which should benefit all users.

eWallet for Android is $9.99 and if you want to sync it up with your PC, you will need to get the Windows PC or Mac version for $19.99.  In this day of freeware, it may be hard to swallow the price but given the security level you have for your credit cards, PINs and passwords in this app, it’s worth the price of admission in my book.

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