MLB Ballpark Updated With Journal To Remember Your Baseball Stadium Visits

Major League Baseball has released an update to the MLB Ballpark app and while it is considered a dot-release, there are some significant new features in this update.  The biggest of these new features is a new journal section of the app where you can keep a record of your MLB stadium visits and games watched.  The updated build is version 4.2 for those keeping score at home (and yes, that’s a baseball term) and you will need to have a account (which is free) to use the app on your Android Phone.

MLB Ballpark – Free (Account Required) – Download Now

The new Journal feature of the MLB Ballpark app allows you to keep a record of the different ballparks that you visit including the ability to attach photos for your visits and it tracks for you the teams you have seen play.  It’s a great way for you to keep a record of your various baseball visits around the league and keep your own photo memories attached to those stadiums.

MLB Ballpark for Android

MLB Ballpark for Android

To access the new Journal feature, you will see a new notebook looking icon on your team page in the MLB Ballpark app. Tap it and you can access the Journal and personalize it with your own banner and avatar.

In addition to the new Journal feature, the MLB Ballpark app now allows you to share your check-ins on Facebook, allows you to get your avatar from Facebook (for your profile or Journal page) and allows you to upload photos to your Journal from Facebook, even if you aren’t at a stadium at the time.  In other words, you can add them later.

Finally, and this is really for those of you who have been to a lot of stadiums, you can now view all your check-ins on the MLB Ballpark app in a map view.  This view gives you an Instagram-like map with small photos from the stadiums you have visited.  You can then tap on them to show those photos in larger detail.

MLB arguably has two of the best sports apps available for Android in MLB At Bat and MLB Ballparks.  If you are a baseball fan like me (Go Rockies!) then these are essential apps to have on your phone.

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