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MLB at Bat Gets Updated for Spring Training

The 2017 Major League Baseball season starts in just 40 days and all thirty teams have already reported for Spring Training.  To get you ready for the season and Spring Training, the MLB at Bat app has been updated to keep you in-the-know.  The update is rolling out now so if you already have the app installed, expect the OTA update over the course of the next day or so.  Once you have it, At Bat will give you news, information and the Spring Training schedule for your favorite MLB team.

As is the case every Spring Training, the highlights for your team may be limited as not every game is televised.  But you will be able to keep up with stats and the rosters which always change this time of the year.

MLB At Bat Gets Big Video Playback Improvements

The MLB at Bat app for Android has been updated today with a lot of improvements around video playback and some new features for those of you who are Lite users of the app.  The biggest change is the support of 60 FPS video on phones that support it.  Video playback in the app was my only real complaint about it as it was a bit pixelated and not very smooth.  In checking it out this morning after this update, it is not even comparable to the old build.  Video is very clear and smooth in playback.

Review of MLB At Bat – A Baseball Fan’s Dream App

The 2016 Major League Baseball season is just a couple of weeks away from starting with the hopes and dreams of players and fans refreshed once again for a long season.  Baseball has been played professionally for 147 years and while Android and mobile apps haven’t been around nearly that long, the powers that be at MLB have built arguably one of the best sports league apps available today.  MLB At Bat is simply a requirement for baseball fans to follow the league and their favorite team.  With a wealth of information available for free in the app, the subscription service adds even more content including live audio broadcasts, pitching and even a Game of the Week to watch without requiring an MLB.TV subscription.  If you are a baseball fan, do yourself a favor and download MLB At Bat.  You won’t regret it. At Bat Gets Some Material Updates

For baseball fans, it is a great time of the year.  Spring Training has started and the season is just a little over a month away from starting.  One of the best sports app out there – and it has been for a long time – is At Bat.  It provides a huge wealth of information during the baseball season on your favorite team, players and from around the league and if you love the National Pastime, this app is a must have on your devices.

The league has issued an update to the Android version of the app, build 5.0.0 for those keeping score at home (see what I did just there?) and is available now in the Google Play Store.  The biggest part of this update has to do with the general look of the app.  The update has a far more Material Design look to it than in the previous builds and that new look flows for both the phone and tablet UIs.  With so many apps now following the Material Design look, the MLB app felt a little out of place towards the end of last season.  Now it looks the part a bit better but doesn’t lose it’s baseball look either.

Topps BUNT Sees A Minor Update for Baseball Card Fans

If you are a baseball fan and remember collecting baseball cards, Topps BUNT is the app for you.  It allows you to electronically collect and trade baseball cards with friends and others in the game.  It’s a lot fun and there are daily contests to help you win coins to buy more cards (or you can spend real money to get them).  Yes it’s geeky but for baseball fans, especially those of us in our 40s and older, its a great bit of nostalgic fun.

Today Topps BUNT has been updated with a minor update that should dramatically improve the performance of the app.  The update is version 1.01.82 for those keeping score at home and if you have the app I highly recommend you get this update.

Topps BUNT for Android – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

MLB Ballpark Updated With Journal To Remember Your Baseball Stadium Visits

Major League Baseball has released an update to the MLB Ballpark app and while it is considered a dot-release, there are some significant new features in this update.  The biggest of these new features is a new journal section of the app where you can keep a record of your MLB stadium visits and games watched.  The updated build is version 4.2 for those keeping score at home (and yes, that’s a baseball term) and you will need to have a account (which is free) to use the app on your Android Phone.

MLB Ballpark – Free (Account Required) – Download Now

MLB At Bat Update Brings Material Design Updates & Performance Improvements

The official Major League Baseball app for Android, MLB At Bat, has received a small update today that all users of the app should download.  The updated version, 4.2.0 for those keeping score at home, focuses on some updates of the Material Design of the app along with some performance improvements.  While these types of updates generally fall into the “no big deal” file, I have to say that the performance improvements are significant.

For those who aren’t familiar with MLB at Bat, it allows you to keep up with scores and information across Major League Baseball, select your favorite teams and with a monthly subscription of $2.99, allows you to see virtual play-by-play in a feature called GamePlay.  If you love the Great Game then you really need this app and I would contend (as many others have) that it remains the standard by which all other sports league apps are measured.

MLB at Bat – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

MLB Ballpark for Android Updated With Performance Improvements

On the same day that Major League Baseball has released MLB At Bat for Windows Phone, the league has also issued an update to the MLB Ballpark for Android app as well. While there are no new features to the baseball park companion app, there are some general performance improvements that make it worth updating to for anyone who uses the app.  For those keeping score at home (an old term used during the heyday of baseball on radio) the new version is 4.1.0

If you aren’t familiar with it, MLB Ballpark is a companion app that you have on your phone when you visit any of the 30 major league stadiums.  There you can check in, get promotional information and discounts (depends on the ballpark and if they are running any) and even get discounts on merchandise.  You can also get information on the stadium itself and check in from your seats.  If you check in you can also upload photos from your seats so others can share in your vantage point.

MLB Ballpark for Android – Free – Download Now

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