Chrome OS Update Brings Bug Fixes & Stability Enhancements

Chrome OS users will be seeing an updated version hit their Chromebooks and other devices over the next few days. Build 44.0.2403.156 (Platform version: 7077.134.0) for those keeping score at home, was released yesterday and it is primarily a bug fix and stability improvement build.  As with all Chrome OS updates, the release will be pushed down to devices automatically.

You can of course check on your Chromebook if the update is ready for you to download.  Go to Settings then at the top of the page tap on the About Chrome OS link.  Towards the top of the page you will see a Check for and apply updates button which you can click.  If the update is ready for your device, it will start downloading.  After it is installed you will need

Chrome OS Update

Chrome OS Update

to restart your Chromebook.

Usually the Chrome OS team publishes the release notes on a build in the Chrome support forums but at the time of this post, those note have not been released.  Once they are released I will update this post with the highlights.

Users of this update to Chrome OS are encouraged to upgrade once the build is available on your device and to report any issues in the Chrome Forums.

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