Google for Android Update With Speed and Reliability Improvements

The official Google for Android app has been updated with some minor but important updates.  The latest build, version for those keeping score at home, mainly focuses on speed improvements and reliability enhancements but there are hints of new features being on the horizon.  What those updates are exactly clear but to make sure you don’t miss them, be sure to update your Android phone and tablet with this update.  As a reminder, the Google for Android app is the foundation for Google Now that gives you relevant information about your location, your agenda and other tidbits of information that is important to you.

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First and foremost this update to Google for Android is very much a maintenance build.  The release notes point to speed and reliability improvements as the bulk of the update.  Frankly on my OnePlus One and my Galaxy Tab 4 tablet, the app performed snappily so I haven’t seen much of a difference after I’ve updated it.

The other more subliminal message in the release notes is a reference to “get new features”.  In digging around the Google for Android app I’ve not seen any new features or functionality – yet.  It

Google Search for Android

Google Search for Android

could very well be that Google (as they often do) will roll out a new features in Google Now or in the search engine itself that you will need this update to see and/or benefit in having on your device.  In other words, they are laying the foundation for something to come in a few days, weeks or months.  Regardless, you should update your devices to this latest to make sure you have when or if a new feature does indeed make it to your phone or tablet.

Finally, for those of you who use the Google Launcher on your Android devices, you should go ahead an update this component.  The Google Launcher is tied closely to the Google for Android app but they are separate components which can be updated independent of each other.

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