Google Launches Google On for Android Ahead of OnHub Release

The Google OnHub, the Wi-Fi access point that has some amazing specs, is hitting shelves today and to mark the occasion, Google has released the Google On for Android app in the Play Store.  The Google On app allows you to configure and control your OnHub right from your Android Phone or tablet and acts as the primary gateway to the device.  Google’s vision for OnHub is to make Wi-Fi less painful at home than it has been in the past.  Part of that vision is a single app that allows for easy access and configuration.  That’s Google On.

Google On for Android – Free – Download Now

The main highlights of the new Google On app from the Release Notes is a nice list of things that everyone can benefit from having at their fingertips.

  • Set up your OnHub in just a few minutes

    Google On

    Google On

  • Learn how to improve your Wi-Fi connection if there’s a slowdown
  • Run a network check to test your connection speed
  • Easily share your network name and password to friends & family
  • Make changes to your settings, such as your network name or password
  • Remotely provide or receive help from friends and family

As I put in my post when the OnHub was first announced, this device isn’t for those who want to tinker with network settings and configurations.  It is however great for the 90+% of us who just want Wi-Fi to work and work painlessly.  The Google On app is part of that answer with an easy-to-use interface, simple but effective controls and troubleshooting.

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