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OnHub Adds Phillips Hue Support

Today marks the first anniversary of the release of OnHub, the home router that aimed at making Wi-Fi connectivity easy.  Beyond this though, OnHub was positioned with its antenna array and other features as being a potential hub for home automation and Internet of Things (IoT) integration.  To date, that promise has gone largely unfulfilled with the exception of IFTTT support a few months ago.  That is changing today with an announcement from the team at Google that OnHub is now partnered with Phillips so you can control your Hue lights with your OnHub.

Today, we’re celebrating OnHub’s first birthday and announcing a new partnership with Philips Lighting, the first connected home device you can control directly with OnHub. We know people don’t like having too many apps on their phones, so we made it possible to control your home’s Philips Hue lights without downloading an app. Now anyone connected to your OnHub can type “On.Here” in a computer, tablet, or mobile browser and control the most popular features of your Philips Hue lights from there. Crank up the party lights!

It’s is a great addition to see to the router and hopefully is a sign of things to come.

Google Launches Google On for Android Ahead of OnHub Release

The Google OnHub, the Wi-Fi access point that has some amazing specs, is hitting shelves today and to mark the occasion, Google has released the Google On for Android app in the Play Store.  The Google On app allows you to configure and control your OnHub right from your Android Phone or tablet and acts as the primary gateway to the device.  Google’s vision for OnHub is to make Wi-Fi less painful at home than it has been in the past.  Part of that vision is a single app that allows for easy access and configuration.  That’s Google On.

Google On for Android – Free – Download Now

Google Announces OnHub Wi-Fi Router For Premium Experience

Google has announced they are rolling out an all new, all singing-and-dancing Wi-Fi router for the home.  The new OnHub Wi-Fi router is designed for the home and using an array of 13 antenna, gives you the ultimate wireless experience without having to manually go configure things nor place it in strategic locations.  The OnHub is designed to intelligently figure out what is the best connection for what you are doing and the surroundings.

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