Chrome OS Update Brings Adobe Flash Player Fix

Google has released an update to Chrome OS for Chromebooks that brings a raft of updates and fixes to the platform.  The update is build 45.0.2454.98 for those keeping score at home and it is primarily a fix and update release.  In reviewing the build notes, there are a lot of minor fixes and updates that should overall improve the stability of the platform.  One notable update that is in this is a fix for Adobe Flash Player.

The blog post outline that the update for Adobe Flash Player is a “critical” update.  The updated version is and fixes both some stability and security issues with the player.

Chrome OS Update September 2015

Chrome OS Update September 2015

The update should be pushing down to your Chromebook over the course of the next few days but you can of course go and download it yourself by going to Settings>About Chrome OS and then check for updates.  If it is available it will automatically start downloading.  Of note, this new build of Chrome OS is not available for the Samsung 13″ Chromebook.  That device will receive a separate update.

You can also keep up to date through the Chrome Release Blog which is published by the Chrome team at Google.  It gives you information on Chrome OS and any updates or fixes that are in the pipeline or to be released.  It can be a bit technical at times, particularly the update logs, but it is still a great source of information.


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