OnePlus Starts Rolling Out OxygenOS 2.1 To The OnePlus 2

OnePlus has started rolling out a significant update to the homegrown OxygenOS that is on the OnePlus 2.  The 2.1 update is starting to roll out to a small number today and will generally start rolling out in earnest tomorrow assuming there are no issues.  If you aren’t familiar with it, OxygenOS is the self built Android version that comes stock on the OnePlus 2.  They have moved away from Cyanogen so they can control things a bit better but they will still be supporting Cyanogen on the OnePlus One.

The changes in OxygenOS for the OnePlus 2 are significant.  From the OnePlus OxygenOS forums:

  • We’ve added manual mode for all you photography enthusiasts. Hope this will give you more control for capturing that perfect moment.

    OnePlus 2

    OnePlus 2

  • Raw support is now enabled for 3rd party camera apps that support this format
  • There’s a new color balance slider in Display for adjusting the color tone of your screen. You can now go warmer or cooler as you please.
  • Added Exchange support.
  • We fixed some issues that were causing problems with popular 3rd party apps.
  • Telephony service improvements so you no longer get the lag when you turn on/off airplane mode.

If you are a OnePlus 2 owner you may see this OxygenOS 2.1 update today but it will likely be tomorrow before it hits your device.  As always, I recommend doing a backup of anything important on your phone that you have not sync’d to a cloud service before performing the upgrade.

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