Angry Birds 2 Update Brings Halloween Levels

With Halloween fast approaching, the team at Rovio have not let Angry Birds 2 players down.  A new update to the sequel to the popular pig-popping game is now in the Google Play Store and it brings a new area to play, Snotting Hill.  In the release notes, the new level is described as slimy and slippery so that should give players a clue of what to expect once you reach this new level.  The update is version 2.2.1 for those keeping score at home and it is available now in the Play Store.  The game is free but as you would expect in this day of Freemium, there are in-app purchases you can make (although I’ve been play since it has been released and not spent any real money on it yet – it’s pretty easy to not spend money on it. Bravo Rovio!)

Angry Birds 2 – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Along with the new Snotting Hill level in Angry Birds 2, this update to the game also brings new player profiles and friends leaderboards.  Now you can tap on avatars of your friends and

Angry Birds 2 for Android

Angry Birds 2 for Android

competitors to see their profile.  That profile also includes their various Birds’ levels and other game stats.  These new stats add a level of fun and competition of course to the game.

Finally, Rovio lists “other tweaks and improvements” as part of this update.  What specifically is addressed in the game with these tweaks is not listed or detailed.  While it isn’t specifically called out, you can probably bet there are some tweaks to help with Android Marshmallow support in this update (although I’ve not had any issue playing the game on Marshmallow).

If you haven’t tried Angry Birds 2 then do yourself a favor and download it.  It’s huge amounts of fun and very different from the original game.  Strategy on how you are going to pop the pestilent pigs is far more important in this game. Personally, level 155 is my stumbling block! 😀

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