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Angry Birds 2 Gets A Big Pig-Popping Update

Rovio, the developer team behind the Angry Birds franchise, has pushed out a big update to Angry Birds 2 for Android.  The update brings 80 new levels to the game, Hamsterdam and Mississpiggy River chapters.  There are also improved treasures with bigger awards for players.  Perhaps the most noticeable change is the completely new home screen in the game.

The new home screen completely changes from the old, world map view that has been in the game since its initial release.  Now you see all of the birds in your flock in the center of the screen.  The world map, the arena and the daily quest are all large icons on the right side of the display.  It is a much cleaner and simpler design.

Angry Birds 2 Sees Another Big Update

For fans and players of Angry Birds 2, there is a big update rolling out in the Play Store for you.  The update brings a lot of new features to the game and, of course, new chapters to play.  When you get this update, which should come to you as an OTA update over the next day or so, you will have two new chapters to play with a total of 40 new levels within those chapters.  That brings the total for the game well over 200 total levels so you have plenty of things to keep you interested.  But that isn’t all for this update as you also have two new pig enemies to contend with in the game.

Angry Birds 2 Turns One – Celebrates with Hats!

A year ago the much anticipated sequel to Angry Birds hit the Google Play Store.  Angry Birds 2 is an updated and dare-I-say smoother game playing experience than the original and it has been a big hit for developer Rovio.  To celebrate the first “DirdDay”, there are all new levels, features and of course, hats.  Birthdays require hats right?  Angry Birds are no different and in this update that is out, you can collect hats to dress up your birds and, in turn, level up your slingshot.

Angry Birds 2 Update Brings Water Levels To Play

Angry Birds 2, the sequel to the hugely popular original Angry Birds, has received another update today, bringing with it all new levels and… water?  That’s right, for the first time in the game you now have under water levels to contend with as you continue your pig popping efforts in the game.  As the story line goes, Oh noes! Cobalt Plateaus has been totally flooded! We’re going subaquatic in a new Chapter brimming with water and amphibious pigs. CANNONBALL!  So now when you get to the Cobalt Plateaus you not only have to deal with getting your aim right to destroy the evil pigs but you get to do it through water.

Angry Birds 2 Update Brings New Arena Competition

Just in time for your holiday break, Angry Birds 2 has been updated with new levels and a new arena competition where you can play other players from around the world.  The team at Rovio who develop the game are saying that this is the biggest update to the game so far and based on the release notes and a bit of game play this morning, I believe it.  There are a huge number of improvements and changes to the app along with the new player vs player arena.

Like in the previous versions, when you tap on the arena you have your nest of birds and you try to clear as many levels as possible before you run out of birds.  It use to be that you would simply see your score and the scores of other players on the scoreboard but now you are pitted against another player to see if you can beat their score.  Add to that the ability to collect stars which allow you to level up your birds and other rewards, it has really changed how you play in the arena – and for the better in my opinion.

Part of this update in the area and throughout the game is a new Star Ranks where you earn starts in campaigns and tournaments.  This allows you to upgrade your birds and get other rewards in the game.

That’s really only the beginning of this update to Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 Update Adds 20 New Levels of Pig Popping

Rovio has posted an update to Angry Birds 2 that brings a new pig to pop along with 20 new levels to play.  The sequel to the hugely popular original Angry Birds is a different take on the original, bringing improved physics, multiple stages within each level and an area playing are a where you can hone your pig popping skills. This is the 4th update to the game since its release back in July so the Rovio team, as they have done with other versions of the games in the franchise, is keeping things up-to-date and adding new content regularly.

The update, which is available now in the Google Play Store, is version 2.3.0 for those keeping score at home and it is a free download for those who haven’t tried it yet. As you would expect, the game is a Freemium model so there are some adverts in the game and several in-app purchases available.

Angry Birds 2 – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Angry Birds 2 Update Brings Halloween Levels

With Halloween fast approaching, the team at Rovio have not let Angry Birds 2 players down.  A new update to the sequel to the popular pig-popping game is now in the Google Play Store and it brings a new area to play, Snotting Hill.  In the release notes, the new level is described as slimy and slippery so that should give players a clue of what to expect once you reach this new level.  The update is version 2.2.1 for those keeping score at home and it is available now in the Play Store.  The game is free but as you would expect in this day of Freemium, there are in-app purchases you can make (although I’ve been play since it has been released and not spent any real money on it yet – it’s pretty easy to not spend money on it. Bravo Rovio!)

Angry Birds 2 – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Angry Birds 2 Update Brings 20 New Levels

This morning the Rovio team dropped a small update to Angry Birds 2, the sequel to the popular game that came out in July.  This is the 2nd update to the game and it brings 20 new levels to your Android phone or tablet and follows up the 1st update just a couple of weeks ago.  If you have Angry Birds 2 installed on your devices then you should receive the update OTA.  If you haven’t installed it, you can via the link below.  It is free although there are plenty of in-app purchases available.

Angry Birds 2 for Android – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

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