Google Messenger Updated for Android Marshmallow Support

Earlier this week I posted a Public Service Announcement to remind everyone to keep their eyes open for updates to their favorite apps as Google and other developers prepare for the release of Android Marshmallow next Tuesday.  It seems now that is happening in earnest and Google Messenger is the first app I’ve found in my updates that explicitly calls out Marshmallow support.  The update is version 1.5 for those of you keeping score at home and it is available now in the Google Play Store.  If you already have Google Messenger installed on your Android phone, it make take a day or two to hit your account.

For those not familiar with it, Google Messenger is the SMS/MMS app from Google that came standard as part of Lollipop but is now a stand alone app.  You can read my review of it here.

Google Messenger for Android – Free – Download Now

The release notes for this update to Google Messenger are short and sweet.  First, it states the update brings support for Android Marshmallow.  This means that the app has been tested with

Google Messenger for Android

Google Messenger for Android

Marshmallow (and given it is a Google app, likely the RTM build of Android Marshmallow internally) and when you update your Nexus device on Tuesday or your Samsung or HTC devices later this year, you know the app will work without a hitch.

Secondly, Google lists the customary “Bug fixes and improvements” in the release notes.  Given that this build is aimed at a new version of Android, there are probably a lot of fixes in it so even if you are going to be staying on Lollipop for a while, its a good idea to update so you have any bugs squished before you update.

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