Google Releases Google Chrome Update for Android

Google has released an updated version of the Google Chrome browser for Android, bringing a host of updates, fixes and a few new features.  The build is version 46.0.2490.76 for those keeping score at home and it should be hitting the Google Play Store and your device in the next few days.  While the bulk of this update is fixes and other improvements, there is an improved image loading by allowing Chrome to negotiate with the web server to provide the best image over HTTP based on the bandwidth available and the device type.  Sounds geeky right?  It is and it is certainly something that developers would have to include on their sites but the key is that Google is positioning Chrome to be able to handle this without any user intervention once it is enabled.

Google Chrome for Android – Free – Download Now

The list of fixes, changes and updates in this version of Google Chrome is pretty extensive.  Here are the release notes from the Chromium Blog on the release:

Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for Android

Again, the vast majority of this is aimed at developers of sites so for most users a lot of this will not make a massive amount of sense.  The takeaway for everyone is that Google continues to position Google Chrome as the fastest browser available and a lot of what you see in these release notes are aimed at keeping it in that position.
You should see this update to Google Chrome hit your device in the next few days and it will be an OTA update for everyone.
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