Huawei Bringing Android Marshmallow to 15 Devices

The number of manufactures who have committed to bringing the Android Marshmallow update to their devices has already been impressive.  Today it got just that much better.  Chinese manufacture Huawei (who also makes the new Nexus 6P) has committed to bringing the latest version of Android to no less than 15 of their devices.  The news came from a leaked document on GizmoChina that points to the laundry list of devices that will be seeing Marshmallow.  While dates and timelines were not covered, clearly the company is set on getting the update out to a lot of their devices.  That is only good news given the features (like Doze) and security benefits that Android Marshmallow brings.

Review of Android Marshmallow

According to the leak, here are the devices that will be seeing Android Marshmallow from Huawei:

Huawei Mate 7

Huawei Mate 7

  • Huawei P8
  • Huawei Mate 7
  • Huawei Mate S
  • Huawei P8 Youth Edition
  • Huawei P8 Max
  • Huawei G8 Chinese Variant
  • Huawei G7 Plusv
  • Huawei G7
  • Huawei Honor 7
  • Huawei Honor 7i
  • Huawei Honor 6 Plus
  • Huawei Honor 6
  • Huawei X2
  • Huawei 4X
  • Huawei Play 4C

Now again, no clue on when these devices will actually see the update but if I had to guess we will see it on the more popular devices like the Mate 7 and Honor 7 first but that’s just my take on things.

Regardless of the timing, the news is good for Huawei owners.

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