New Chromecast Comes With A Free Movie & 90 Google Play Music Subscription

[Update] Thanks to Google+ user Luke Hook who pointed out that those of you who have the original Chromecast also have these offers available to you.  This is not just limited to the new Chromecast.  Thanks Luke!

If you have been one of those who have picked up one of the new 2015 Chromecast devices, there are some offers available to you through the Chromecast app that you won’t want to miss out on.  The offers are from a range of content providers, all obviously Chromecast enabled, to bring you TV, movies and music to you.  Two of the offers come from Google themselves:  a free movie rental through the Google Movies & TV app and a 90 trial subscription to Google Play Music Unlimited.

Review of the 2015 Chromecast

First, to get to the offers, you need to open up the Chromecast app on your Android phone or tablet.  In the app, navigate to Devices then tap on the gear icon for any of your Chromecast devices.

Chromecast Offers

Chromecast Offers

Finally, use the menu in the upper-right corner and tap Check for Offers.  This will take you to the Chromecast website where you will be shown the current offers that are available to you. Doing this will send your Chromecast serial number to Google for verification.

Currently there multiple offers available.  You can get one month of CBS All Access which is normally $5.99 per month, 3 months of free service from Rhapsody and 30 days of Crunchyroll  Premium for you Anime fans.  Google also is offering a free movie rental and a 90 day subscription to Google Play Music Unlimited.

To redeem the offers, simply tap on the Redeem button below each offer.  You will then be navigated to other pages to complete the process depending on the offer.  In the case of the free movie rental from Google Play Movies & TV, a free voucher is added to your Google Play Account for you to redeem when you find a movie you want to rent.  The list of movies you can rent is curated but there are a fair number of movies there in a wide range of genre.

For the Google Play Music offer, tapping redeem sets your Google Play Music account to Unlimited so you can download any content you want to play offline and streaming is ad-free.  At the end of the 90 days your account will be charged the normal $9.99 per month so if you don’t want to continue it, be sure to cancel prior to the 90 days ending.


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