OnePlus Closing OnePlus 2 Reservations This Month

OnePlus has announced that on October 22nd they will be closing down and locking the OnePlus 2 invite program.  If you want to get on the invite list, now is the time to do it.  The company stated that the reason for the closure was to try to tackle the some 5 million invite holders that are out there.  As they say, “While we appreciate all your support and enthusiasm all things must come to an end eventually. And so, it is time for us to sunset the reservation list, and start fulfilling it.

The news will come as good news for those who are on the reservation list and still haven’t had their device ship while those who have been thinking of getting the latest flagship from the company have been given a timeline on when they can jump in on the action.  The bottom line is if you aren’t on the list come October 22nd, you will have to get invited from an existing OnePlus 2 owner.  Those already on the list will stay on the list & your position will be locked after the 22nd.

The OnePlus 2 has been popular and has seemingly done well although it is unclear just how many of the 5 million invites held have actually turned into sales.  I for one let mine expire, feeling that

OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2

the need for NFC was more important to me – a feature the OnePlus 2 doesn’t support.  Coupled with challenges in production and delays in shipping, it has been a challenging birth for this phone.  That said, those who have it apparently love it and based on photos and performance reviews I’ve seen, it isn’t a bad option if you are looking for high-end specs at a comfortable price (sub-$400).

The news of the OnePlus 2 reservation list closing also comes as the company is about to launch the OnePlus X, a smaller device with more mid-stream features.

Ultimately I think the closing of the reservation list by OnePlus will be a positive thing.  It will give the company a production number to aim for while keeping customer expectation in check.


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