Angry Birds 2 Update Adds 20 New Levels of Pig Popping

Rovio has posted an update to Angry Birds 2 that brings a new pig to pop along with 20 new levels to play.  The sequel to the hugely popular original Angry Birds is a different take on the original, bringing improved physics, multiple stages within each level and an area playing are a where you can hone your pig popping skills. This is the 4th update to the game since its release back in July so the Rovio team, as they have done with other versions of the games in the franchise, is keeping things up-to-date and adding new content regularly.

The update, which is available now in the Google Play Store, is version 2.3.0 for those keeping score at home and it is a free download for those who haven’t tried it yet. As you would expect, the game is a Freemium model so there are some adverts in the game and several in-app purchases available.

Angry Birds 2 – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

The 20 new levels in this update to Angry Birds 2 brings the total number of levels to nearly 300 to play so you

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2

should be able to keep yourself occupied (dare I say obsessed) with launching birds for hours. As for me, I’m currently stuck on level 167 (I WILL WIN!) and the further you get into the game, the more difficult the levels get and the more creative you will need to be in order to clear the levels and get three stars.

In addition to the new levels, this update also brings a new mysterious pig to the game.  This new pig, according to the Rovio release notes for the game, “messing around with the blocks”. I’m not going to give it away but be on the look out. He’s tricky, just like the Magician pig. 🙂

There are of course bug fixes and other performance improvements to be found in this update to Angry Birds 2 so if you have been playing and have encountered any issues, be sure to grab the update (will come to you OTA if you device is configured for it) to see if it resolves the issue.

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