Apple Music Arrives for Android

Earlier this year, Apple said that they would be making Apple Music available to Android users later this year for those who wanted to take advantage of the monthly streaming & music purchasing service.  That day has arrived and the beta build of the app is now in the Google Play Store.

Much like Google Play Music, Apple music allows you to subscribe for $9.99 per month or $14.99 per month for your family and allows you to stream music, download music from your iTunes account and get curated content from Apple.

Apple Music for Android (BETA) – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

For those who are interested in trying Apple Music, you can do so free for 3 months, after which the normally

Apple Music for Android

Apple Music for Android

monthly charges apply.  You will need an iTunes account to sign up and if you already have an iTunes account, sign in with it to be able to access your library.

One note on this beta is that videos are currently not able to be played within the app but that will be coming soon in an updated release.  Functionally the Android version looks very similar to the iOS version although you will find the Android version has a hamburger menu for easy & familiar navigation.

While some in the Android community would question why Android users would use Apple Music, there is actually a lot of good reasons.  If you have a mix of Apple and Android devices in your house, this can be your one service (at least until Google Play Music has a family subscription which is coming soon) or if you have migrated from Apple to Android and have a lot of music content in iTunes.

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