Google Play Music Adds Sound Search Feature

Google Play Music has been update for Android devices and it brings a new feature for subscribers to the services unlimited plan.  Now you have a new Sound Search feature that allows you to have the app listen to music that is playing and it will identify it and take you to that song in the service so you can add it to your library. Because subscribers can add and download music to their library without actually owning the content (it is digitally locked to your account), the search feature is a quick way to add music to your library on-the-fly without having to make anything more than the $9.99 monthly subscription.

If this new Sound Search feature sounds familiar, the concept has been around quite some time.  Shazam is probably the best known of these types of services and they still are around.  With the inclusion of this type of feature in Google Play Music and other premium services, a stand alone app is starting to make less sense.

The update to the app is version 6.1.2116T for those who are keeping score at home and it is in the Google Play Store now.  If you have the app installed, it could be a day or two before you see the OTA update.

Google Play Music – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

Google Play Music Also Has Improved Subscription Gifting

The other big change in this update to the app is an improved subscription gifting to friends and family.  In the previous version (6.0) the gifting feature was somewhat buried in the settings of the

Google Play Music Listening Feature

Google Play Music Sound Search Feature

app and you pretty much had to know where to go and get it.  Now it is located right off of the menu as Send Gift so you can easily do so. The subscription gifts have three tiers:  $9.99 for one month, $29.97 for 3 months and $59.94 for 6 months. To send a gift to a friend or family you just need to know that persons email address and you can send a message along with that gift.

To recap the Google Play Music subscription service, it is $9.99 per month and it gives you unlimited access to the entire Google music library.  You can then stream any of that content to your PC, Mac or Android devices and you can also download that music to listen to offline.  If you have music of your own on your PC, you can sync that music to the service and stream that music as well.  This is a great option instead of having to download a copy of your music to your phone or tablet.  The subscription service is a month-to-month so there is no annual commitment.

Google Play Music – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

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