Angry Birds 2 Update Brings New Arena Competition

Just in time for your holiday break, Angry Birds 2 has been updated with new levels and a new arena competition where you can play other players from around the world.  The team at Rovio who develop the game are saying that this is the biggest update to the game so far and based on the release notes and a bit of game play this morning, I believe it.  There are a huge number of improvements and changes to the app along with the new player vs player arena.

Like in the previous versions, when you tap on the arena you have your nest of birds and you try to clear as many levels as possible before you run out of birds.  It use to be that you would simply see your score and the scores of other players on the scoreboard but now you are pitted against another player to see if you can beat their score.  Add to that the ability to collect stars which allow you to level up your birds and other rewards, it has really changed how you play in the arena – and for the better in my opinion.

Part of this update in the area and throughout the game is a new Star Ranks where you earn starts in campaigns and tournaments.  This allows you to upgrade your birds and get other rewards in the game.

That’s really only the beginning of this update to Angry Birds 2

Update to Angry Birds 2 Adds 20 Levels

As has become the norm, the update to the game adds 20 new levels and a new area.  The new area is Mt. Evernest (get it?) and as always, there is no purchase required to open up the new level –

Angry Birds 2 Arena

Angry Birds 2 Arena

you just have to get to it in the game.

No big surprise here but Angry Birds 2 is a Freemium model meaning that the game is free but has in-app purchases.  That said, Rovio has made the game where you can get well into it without having to make purchases – if you are patient.  In-app purchases range from .99 Cents to $49.99.

Angry Birds 2 – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now



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