Chrome OS Update Out Today With Various Fixes

Earlier this morning I posted on an update to the Chrome browser that was released late yesterday.  Today, as is normally the case, the Chrome OS team has announced a new version is available for Stable Channel users based on the same update as the browser.  The new build of the OS is 47.0.2526.80 (Platform version: 7520.62.0) and it also includes an updated version of Adobe Flash Player, version for those keeping score at home.

Chrome OS users will likely recall that this is the second update to the platform in as many weeks which is not normally the case.  Google was very vague in the release discussing the update on what exactly was addressed, saying that there were bug and security fixes but not much else.  Usually they provide more details on specific bugs which may be an indicator that they don’t want the exploit widely known until more systems are up-to-date.

Chrome OS Update For All Devices

This update is available for all Chrome OS devices so that would include Chromebooks, Chromeboxes and

Chrome OS

Chrome OS

Chromestick and you should see the OTA update for it over the course of the next couple of days.  You can however force the issue and go to Settings>About Chrome OS and check for an update there.  It may take a check or two to get it but it should be there pretty quickly.  I checked prior to this post and I have already downloaded it to my Acer Chromebook.

Regardless of if you do the manual update or wait for the OTA, make sure you apply the update as soon as possible to close those bug and security issues.

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