Google Pixel C Factory Images Now Available

Earlier this week Google released the Pixel C, their latest-and-greatest Android tablet, into the Google Store and now you can download the factory image of Android 6.0.1 for it.  The code name for the unit is Ryu and the latest build for the tablet is 6.0.1 (MXB48K).  Given that the Pixel C is a Wi-Fi only tablet, we likely won’t see a lot of variations on the factory images going forward which will make it easy for those who want to flash them to the device.

For those who aren’t familiar, factory images are full builds of Android for the various Google Nexus and Pixel devices.  Aimed mostly at the developer community, anyone can flash their device with the latest factory image if they want to regress to a previous version or want to always have the latest version of Android on their device without waiting for the carrier or Google to send out the over-the-air (OTA) update.  To use a factory image, your bootloader must be unlocked and you can find the full instructions on the Factory Images site.

Pixel C Getting Mixed Reviews So Far

While it has only been out for a few days, there are plenty of early reviews of the new tablet hitting the ‘Net and those reviews have been a bit mixed.  Overall everyone seems quite pleased with the design, size and performance of the

Google Pixel C

Google Pixel C

tablet while there have been some negativity towards how Android itself runs on the tablet.  It is generally accepted that Android isn’t the greatest tablet OS but Google continues to improve it and there are plans for split-screen working on the Pixel C in the coming months in an update.  This will give it a better level of flexibility when it comes to productivity and will mirror the functionality of the iPad and iOS 9 from Apple.

The Pixel C starts at $499 and you can order one today from Google on their store.  Orders are taking 1-3 days to fulfill and as always shipping is free.

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