Chrome OS Updated With Security and Bug Fixes

The Chrome OS teams has released a bug fix and security update to the platform that all devices should see in the coming days.  The new stable build is version 47.0.2526.110 (Platform version: 7520.67.0) and while no details were given on what specifically was addressed, we can safely assume that it is a build all users should upgrade too as soon as possible.  The update comes about a month after the last update to the platform on December 15, 2015 which is about the normal cadence for releases.

In the announcement, Google states that all devices will be seeing the update in the next few days.  That means if you have a Chromebook, Chromebit or Chromebase, you should see the update regardless of manufacture or model.


By default, your Chrome device will get the update automatically through an OTA update.  If you want however, you can push the update to your device earlier by going to Settings>About Chrome OS and then tap the Check for Update button.  Doing this isn’t required of course but you can do it if your administration policy allows (at work or school) and you don’t want to wait.  Like me. 🙂 I can tell you that the update is available as I updated my Acer Chromebook 11 this morning.

Acer C670 Chromebook

Acer C670 Chromebook

As has been the case over the past several months, the announcement of the update did not shed any light on what exactly is fixed.  The Chromium team generally will release more details release not after the update has pushed to a majority of devices so it make be a week or two before any specific details are released.


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