Gmail Notification Fix for Marshmallow Rolling Out

Since the update to Android Marshmallow on Nexus devices, a number of Gmail users have had issues with notifications.  Some users don’t get notifications while others get them sporadically.  I posted a way to get around this a few weeks ago but even that isn’t 100%.  Google has been working on the issue for some time and it looks like relief is in sight.  In the Nexus Product Forums, Googler Orrin (the community manager) has posted that a fix for the issue is rolling out and should be getting to all users soon.

In his post, Orrin indicates that this is a back end fix and no new build of the Gmail app is required to get it.  It will, essentially, just start working and that will be your indicator that the fix has come to your account.  While it would be ideal if there a build with the fix to let users know, it seems that the issue was not with the app itself but rather with how Gmail and Marshmallow

Gmail for Android

Gmail for Android

interacted on these devices.

If you have had this issue, there isn’t anything for you to do other than wait at this point.  Google tends to rolls these types of back end updates out pretty quickly and I suspect that most users will notice, erm, notifications working over the course of the next week or two.  I can report that on my Nexus 6 and my Nexus 7, both of which are on the February security build, that notifications are working flawlessly this morning.  I never really had an issue on my Nexus 6 with notifications but they were sporadic on my tablet.

If you have seen your notifications improve, leave a comment here or on Google+.  It would be great to see globally how fast this is rolling out to everyone.

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