Google Killing Flash Support for Ads in 2017

The demise of Adobe Flash continues and the Google AdWords network is the latest to fire a shot at the long time platform.  In a post on their Google+ profile, the AdWords team announced that starting January 2, 2017, Flash based adverts will no longer be displayed as the service and Google in general pushes to be 100% HTML5.  The change will impact advertisers on the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Digital Marketing.

The change comes as Google has been pushing to become 100% HTML5 focused so their advertising networks can reach the widest possible audience regardless of device or platform.  Given that the world is seemingly moving away from Flash, the news isn’t a real big shocker but certainly is good news for those who use those networks ( is one of them).

Google has laid out how this is going to work and advertisers have plenty of time to get their ads sorted for the change.  Starting June 30th of this year, no new Flash based ads will be accepted into the network.  If the ad is already in the network or uploaded prior to June 30th, it will continue to work until the January 2nd date in 2017.  At that point the ads will simply not render on any

The App

The App

device or platform through GDN or DoubleClick.  Google has also set up a page to help advertisers with the move from Flash to HTML5.

For most readers, this isn’t a big change that you will notice immediately and frankly, a lot of advertisers have already begun moving away from Flash in favor of HTML.  It is more for sites like this one and those who advertise to make sure they are aware and have updated their ads.  If they don’t update, their ads simply won’t work after the start of the new year.



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