The Week In Review – February 12 2016

The week in review for this week has a lot of Android and some minor Chrome OS news.  The rumor mill continues to churn on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 series while Update Wednesday this week did’t disappoint.  There was also some new releases of Android Marshmallow to some devices and a few price drops on devices.  All-in-all, a busy week!  Here are some of the highlights as covered on

OnePlus 2 Gets a Price Drop

OnePlus continues to push hard for your business with the removal of their invitation system to purchases their devices and now have dropped the price of their flagship.  The OnePlus 2, which the company released last year as their “flagship killer” device, has had a price drop of $40, taking it down to $349 for the 64GB model.

Google Gives Users 2GB of Free Google Drive Storage for Life With a Security Checkup

In an effort to continue to have users keep their accounts safe and secure, Google is offering anyone who goes through a security checkup 2GB of free Google Drive storage.  The offer is in

Security Bonus on Google Drive

Security Bonus on Google Drive

conjunction with the Safer Internet Initiative which officially is tomorrow.  However, you can take the check up now and get the free Drive storage today.

Instagram App for Android Now Supports Multiple Accounts

The photos and video social sharing app Instagram has a new update rolling to the Google Play Store that is bringing support for multiple user accounts.  The new feature is something that the company has been testing the past few months and is one of the most requested features of the app.  Currently, if you have multiple account, you have to manually log in and out of each account in the app each time you want to switch from one to another.

The App

The App

The App for Android Launches

After a few weeks in development, the first app is now available in the Google Play Store.  The app is a web wrapper style app that brings you all of the content of the site conveniently within an app on your Android phone.  No more having to open up Chrome to navigate to the site!

Download The Samsung Galaxy S7 Wallpapers

While the phone itself is still a few weeks away from being released, the wallpapers for the new Samsung Galaxy S7 have been leaked and I have them all right here on the wallpaper page.  Samsung has always produced some great looking wallpapers for their devices and the ones for the S7 are no exception.

AT&T Rolling Out Android Marshmallow to the LG G4

Following the release of the Android Marshmallow update to the LG G4 on Sprint and T-Mobile, AT&T has followed suite and begun rolling out the latest major build of Android to the device.  The build is MRA58K and weighs in just shy of 1GB on the download size.  If you know your Android Marshmallow builds, you will know that the MRA58K was the original posted build of Android from Google back last fall.  It is unfortunate that it isn’t the latest 6.0.1 build but at least the upgrade is released which the good news.

Gmail Fix for Notifications on Android Marshmallow Rolls Out

Since the update to Android Marshmallow on Nexus devices, a number of Gmail users have had issues with notifications.  Some users don’t get notifications while others get them sporadically.  I posted away to get around this a few weeks ago but even that isn’t 100%.  Google has been working on the issue for some time and it looks like relief is in sight.  In the Nexus Product Forums, Googler Orrin (the community manager) has posted that a fix for the issue is rolling out and should be getting to all users soon.

Microsoft Announces Agreement with Acer to Pre-Load Applications

In an announcement made today, Microsoft and Acer have come to an agreement whereby a suite of the Redmond, Washington company’s apps will be pre-installed on selected Acer Android phones and tablets later this year.  While it is not clear which devices will see these apps installed, it was clear in the announcement which apps are involved.  Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and OneDrive will be there along with Skype for voice and video communications.

Chrome OS Sees a Minor (REALLY Minor) Update

Moto 360

Moto 360

For all of you who are running Chrome OS, there is a minor (emphasis on minor) update available for you today.  The update was released late yesterday and takes the build version up to 48.0.2564.109 (Platform version: 7647.78.0).  If you remember a couple of weeks ago, the 48-train was released so no, this is note the Material Design-looking 49-train that you may have been reading about.  This, plain and simple, is a bug fix release.

1st Generation Moto 360 Sees Android Marshmallow Update

Multiple owners of the 1st generation of the Moto 360 are starting to see Android Marshmallow show up on their smartwatches today and I am one of them.  The update, which has been rolling out to other smartwatches recently, seems to have had the trigger pulled for one of the first and popular Android Wear devices with users reporting to Phandroid and Reddit that they are seeing the update.

American Airlines App Update Brings Improvements & Partnership with Uber

American Airlines has released an update to their Android app that now allows you to seamlessly pinpoint your pick up point for Uber right from within the app.  The partnership between the two companies is new and while the Uber pick up isn’t in every location American flies, it will save you from having to fumble around through both apps to arrange your pick up location.  To do this, users need to go to the terminal maps in the app, which also have been significantly improved, and let the app leverage your location services to pinpoint you and get you an Uber.  There is even a $20 discount if you use the code RIDEAA for you first time Uber users.

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