Blackberry Priv on AT&T Receiving March Security Update

If you have the AT&T locked version of the Blackberry Priv, you should start seeing the March security update coming to your device starting today.  The update comes 2 weeks-and-a-day after it was released by Google themselves so all-in-all, that is not a bad time frame for a carrier locked device.  Further, the update makes AT&T the first carrier here in the US to get the update to the Priv on their network with T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint all having the device but none of them have pushed out this update.  For a point of reference, the update came out the same week as Google released it on the unlocked version of the Priv.

As you have undoubtedly read by now, the March security update is the monthly Android update issued by Google to address security issues and other fixes.  There are no new features in this update but users are encourage to download and install it once it hits their Priv.  AT&T is pushing the update out but you can always manually check for it by going to Settings>About Phone>Software Update.  That doesn’t necessarily mean it will push down to you immediately but it never hurts to try.

You can read about the update here, where I outlined the 19 significant fixes that are found in it.

Blackberry Priv
Blackberry Priv

Kudos to AT&T for getting this update out in a timely manner!

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  1. Clinton, this update completely incapacitated my Blackberry Priv, shutting it down and then preventing it from starting up again (via several methods). I’m living a hell that you wouldn’t imagine right now. I have no phone, no passwords, cannot receive texts, etc. AT&T’s answer is to send me another Priv. and ignore the fact that it could very well have been this update that caused the problem. Blackberry is clueless. This is partially a vent and partially a plea for someone to help. As a side bar, this update in particular killed 2 of my Priv devices (I had two devices because AT&T sent me a 2nd replacement Priv because of charging and overheating problems. WOW huh. I’m no software expert, so I cannot tell you for sure if it was the update or something else but both times the device died while installing the update. IF you have any info, i would love to hear it. If not, thanks for allowing the vent.


    1. Wow! Al, I have not heard of this at all on any Priv or any carrier. I believe these updates are being provided by Blackberry to AT&T without modification but I could be wrong. Carriers as you like to add their bits sometimes.

      Have you check any forums to see if this is a wider issue?

      Really sorry mate I can’t be more help but keep me posted.

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