Chromecast is now Google Cast

Google has announced today that the Chromecast app for Android and iOS is going to be rebranded as Google Cast over the course of the next week.  The reason for the change is that the Cast technology is in more devices than just Chromecast now and the new name is more reflective of the service instead of being tied to a specific device.  The announcement was made as part of a larger announcement around Vizio P-Series televisions which has Google Cast technology built into it.

The Vizio P-Series will have a new have the technology built into it along with soundbars and speakers.  All of this is tied together with the company’s SmartCast which is powered by Google Cast on the backend.

Chromecast for Android

Chromecast for Android

The P-series now comes with Google Cast built in, which means you can use your smartphone or tablet as your remote to cast your favorite entertainment directly to the big screen.

The change to the app is something that will be released to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store over the coming week but functionally, it shouldn’t change to much for users.  If you have the Chromecast app installed, the update with the new name will be pushed out to you via an OTA update.

Also, Google has announced a new Google Cast site where you can see TVs and other devices that have the technology built into it.

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