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Google Cast Now Built Into Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome on your Mac or PC, the latest update to the browser brings fully integrated Google Cast support.  Long time users of Chrome will know that there has been a Google-built Cast extension for some time now, two years in fact.  This update essentially deprecates that extension as it is no longer need.  Casting is now in the core of Chrome itself.  The net result for users is that when you are on a site that supports Google Cast, you will see a casting icon appear near your search bar.  Click it, select the Google Cast you want to cast too and that’s it.  No configuring things and no fussing about.  It’s that simple.

Chromecast is now Google Cast

Google has announced today that the Chromecast app for Android and iOS is going to be rebranded as Google Cast over the course of the next week.  The reason for the change is that the Cast technology is in more devices than just Chromecast now and the new name is more reflective of the service instead of being tied to a specific device.  The announcement was made as part of a larger announcement around Vizio P-Series televisions which has Google Cast technology built into it.

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