YouTube Now On T-Mobile’s BingeOn

Whether you like it or not, T-Mobile’s BingeOn service has been a pretty big hit for the carrier.  If you aren’t familiar with it, BingeOn allows customers to stream video and music content on the T-Mobile network without taking a hit to their monthly data allotment.  There has been a lot of digital ink spilled on if the program is good or bad but the bottom line is it works for customers.  One big gap though was YouTube.  Google’s video service was not in BingeOn and there has been a fair amount of tussling between the carrier and Google.  Now, it seems, all is better between the companies as the service has now been added.

The news came via Twitter thanks to T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

YouTube was joined by Discovery and Redbull TV in the announcement but the YouTube announcement is the one that got everyone’s attention.  If you are a BingeOn user, videos from YouTube will stream to you at 480p which isn’t great but isn’t horrible either.  It is a compromise:  Watch what you want but at a lower quality.  Subscribers can opt out of the program but it will hit your

YouTube for Android

YouTube for Android

data allotment.

The announcement also came with some stats, particularly that subscribers of BingeOn are now streaming double the amount of content before the service was launched.  People are using it and the carrier seems delighted in having it happen in a time where many carriers are trying to figure out how to throttle back data consumption.


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