Google Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux Gets A Security Update

The Chromium team has released a security update for Google Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux that users of the browser will want to get installed quickly.  The new build is version 50.0.2661.94 and it is already rolling out to those who use the browser.  If you have the browser installed, you can go to chrome://help and your browser will automatically start the download for you.

As for as the guts of the update, it is focused on security updates of various forms.  In all, there are six updates, four of which are considered high priority.  Here is the list along with the bounties

Google Chrome for Windows

Google Chrome for Windows

that Google paid for finding the issues.

[$3000][574802] High CVE-2016-1660: Out-of-bounds write in Blink. Credit to Atte Kettunen of OUSPG.
[$3000][601629] High CVE-2016-1661: Memory corruption in cross-process frames. Credit to Wadih Matah.
[$3000][603732] High CVE-2016-1662: Use-after-free in extensions. Credit to Rob Wu.
[$3000][603987] High CVE-2016-1663: Use-after-free in Blink’s V8 bindings. Credit to anonymous.
[$1000][597322] Medium CVE-2016-1664: Address bar spoofing. Credit to Wadih Matah.
[$1000][606181] Medium CVE-2016-1665: Information leak in V8. Credit to gksgudtjr456.
While most of us won’t ever run into these issues, it is always a good idea to get these Chrome updates onto your devices as quickly as possible.  Once you do get the download to your device, you will have to restart any Chrome sessions you have running to apply the new build.
If you haven’t tried out Chrome on your PC or Mac, go to to install it.
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