Google Calendar Update Adds Ability To Dial Conference Call Passcodes

The latest update to Google Calendar is one that frequent conference call users will want to update to as soon as it is available. Seriously.  Stop what you are doing and see if you have the update.  I’ll wait….. Okay, so here is the deal:  Before now, when you had a conference call scheduled in Calendar, you could have it dial the number easy enough (it would just switch over to your Phone app) but if that conference call had a passcode, you had to enter it manually.  That’s no big deal if you are sitting at your desk.  But if you are driving or otherwise using your phone one handed, that can be a bit of a pain.  No more.  The latest update will allow you to select the passcode for the call (if it is in the invite) and the Phone app will automatically dial it for you when your call is connected.

This is a huge time saver and prevents you from entering in the wrong code manually.  What is even better, this new feature works on both Google accounts as well as Exchange.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar


Beyond this great new feature, there doesn’t appear to be anything else new in this update to Google Calendar but you can assume that there are the normal smattering of bug fixes and performance improvements.

The update is rolling out to the Google Play Store now and it should be coming to everyone as an OTA update over the course of the next few days.

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