Outlook For Android Update Brings Improved Calendar and Task Importing

Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Outlook for Android app that brings much improved calendar and task integration from other services.  If you are an Outlook for Android user, after you get this update, you will be able to add tasks and calendar events from Wunderlist, Facebook and Evernote to the app. The idea, of course, is that Outlook becomes your single place you go to manage any tasks or calendar events.  To this point you could only have events from your Exchange account, Hotmail or Gmail calendar show up in the calendar section of the app.  Tasks where strictly limited to whatever you did locally or Exchange.

That, fortunately, is no longer the case.  If you use Wunderlist, Facebook or Evernote, you can add your accounts to the Outlook app and your events, tasks and notes will be imported so you can

Microsoft Outlook for Android

Microsoft Outlook for Android

have one, comprehensive view of your digital life (or that’s the goal at least).  While it doesn’t cover every service out there, this update certainly makes strides in the right direction and should simplify things for users by not having to do so much app switching on their phone or tablet.

This update to the app also includes an often requested feature for the app:  Support for .eml files.  For those who may not know what an .eml file is, it is an email… attached to an email.  While in your personal life you may not see the need for this, for the corporate world it is a big deal.  Now you can send an email as an attachment to another email to share it.  This feature is a long standing feature of Outlook on the desktop.  By adding it to the mobile version, Microsoft continues to close the feature gap between the desktop and mobile devices.

Outlook for Android is a free app and it is a solid email alternative if you are looking for one app to manage multiple accounts.

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