Project Fi App Update Addresses Mobile Data Usage Leak and Adds Call Blocking

The Project Fi app for subscribers of Google’s MVNO service has been updated and it is an update that fixes a serious bug in the app.  The build you are looking for is version for those keeping score at home and it is just now rolling out to the Google Play Store.  While you won’t find any new features in the release, you will get a bug fix that stops the use of mobile data when you are on Wi-Fi or have completely turned off mobile data.  The bug is a big deal given that mobile data savings is one of the key pillar points of the service.

For those not familiar with Fi, what it does is leverage Wi-Fi for data and even calls when you are connected to it or you have disabled mobile data.  The idea is to use as little chargeable data (at

Project Fi Data Use

Project Fi Data Use

$10 per GB) for the service as possible and leverage wireless networks as much as possible.  It works undoubtedly as my data usage in the 7 months I have been on Fi has gone from an average of 5GB per month to about 1.5GB.  This bug, however, was causing mobile data usage to leak even if you were on Wi-Fi or worse, had completely shut off mobile data on your Nexus phone.  While I never encountered the bug personally, plenty of people have if the Google Product Forums for Project Fi are any indication.

The new build solves the problem according to Google.

There is another big feature in this update along with the bug fix.  Fi users can now block specific numbers that have called or texted.  The new feature is found on the Calls & Text section of the app and you will be able to view all of the numbers you have blocked on the Fi website.

If you are curious about Project Fi, you can read my original review of the service and my six month follow up to get my impressions.  The bottom line:  It is awesome!


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