YouTube Adds Autoplay Feature To Android App

Whether you like the feature or not, the autoplay feature in YouTube has made its way to Android.  The video streaming site has had the autoplay feature – where the site plays the next video automatically as you are watching – for some time now and it has both friends and foes.  In the latest update to the Android app for phones and tablets, this feature has been enabled.  For those who like the feature, now you can get endless streaming of videos without having to touch your phone.  For those who don’t like the feature, good news!  You can disable it.

If you don’t want the autoplay feature, in the YouTube app, navigate to the overflow menu (the 3 vertical dots in the upper-right corner) and tap on Settings.  Now tap on General and the second

YouTube for Android

YouTube for Android

option you will see is Autoplay.  Slide the toggle switch off and you are good-to-go.

Along with the new autoplay feature, the update to YouTube also brings some visual improvements to the app.  The splash screens for videos are larger and the overall look has been improved to match that of other Apps.  For example, the hamburger menu is gone and replaced with the overflow menu.  There aren’t massive changes to be found but visually, the app has been spruced up a bit.

A friendly reminder for those who may have forgotten.  If you are a Google Play Music Unlimited subscriber ($9.99 per month), your subscription includes YouTube Red.  That gives you the ability to download videos and view them offline as well as have an advert free experience.

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