Evernote Brings Passcode Locking to All Users

In a move that makes all kinds of sense, Evernote has moved the premium feature of being able to lock your note with a passcode to their free tier.  This means every users of the service can lock their notes from prying eyes.  This is great to see as it corrects something I personally never liked about Evernote:  Security should not be a premium option.  It should be there by default.

I have been a user of the service since 2011 and a premium user of the service (for other reasons) so the ability to associate a PIN with the app has always been there for me.  It prevents anyone from picking up your phone, opening the app, and reading your notes.  It is simple yes but does the job.  In my mind, Evernote has corrected a wrong with this change.

Security should always be free to everyone who uses a service of any type, especially when you are using a service

Setting Up A Passcode in Evernote

Setting Up A Passcode in Evernote

where anything from your diary to your business meeting notes are stored.  In this move, Evernote is doing the right thing.  People can now setup a PIN in the app and keep their notes private without having to pay for the privilege.

Well done Evernote.

To setup the PIN for your account, go to Settings>Account Info>Manage passcode lock.  Here you can setup a four digit PIN that you have to enter each time you start the app.  The ability to setup this new feature for everyone appears to be a back end update and doesn’t require an app update.

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