New Editing Features Come to Google Docs and Google Sheets

The Google Apps team have announced some new editing features for both Google Docs and Google Sheets.  These new features are coming to the apps on both Android and iOS and should be rolling out to devices over the course of the next few days via an OTA update.  Both features are aimed at bringing more desktop-like editing features to the mobile device so you don’t necessarily have to be at a Chromebook, PC or Mac.

For Google Docs, you can now edit documents while you are in Print Layout view within the app.  To edit the doc, just tap on the edit pencil icon and you can make your edits without having to leave Print Layout view.

For Google Sheets, there are big improvements around conditional formatting.

Google Docs for Android

Google Docs for Android

Format cells, rows, and columns to change their formatting (text, background color, and more) if they meet certain conditions, like containing a particular word or number.

To this point, conditional formatting was something that could only be created via Google Sheets on the web.  The mobile apps could understand conditional formatting and render it properly, but to edit it required the Google Sheets in a browser.

You can read the full announcement from the Google Apps team to get all the details but these are the main highlights of the announcement.

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