File Information Added to Google Docs, Sheets and Slides Creations

If you are a user of Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, there is a small but nice new update that is rolling out to the web version of these apps.  Google announced yesterday that they are adding the ability for users to see file information on a document that they have open in one of the apps.  This is very similar to a feature that is already in the online version of the apps which is to see file or folder in Google Drive.  It has just been added to the Docs apps for convenience.

Getting to this new file information is pretty straight forward.  Open up a Docs, Sheets or Slides file and from the File menu select Document Details.  This will pop up an overlay that shows you the location within your Google Drive that the file is stored, the owner of that file and the last time it was modified.

Again, nothing super magical here but more of a streamlining of the apps across the Google ecosystem to give you the information you need in the app you happen to be using at the time.  This

Document Details in Google Docs

Document Details in Google Docs

update to the online apps also brings them on par with the Android versions of the apps too.  If you open up a document in Google Docs for example, you can go to the overflow menu then tap on Details… to get the same information.

As with other updates to the Google apps online, there is nothing for you to do.  Google will push the update out to your account over the course of the next couple of days.  You know you have the update when you go to File on the menu and you see Document details.

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