Google Drops The Chromebook Pixel 2

Google has stopped selling their remaining flagship Chromebook device, the Chromebook Pixel 2.  The store shows that the $1299 powerhouse is no longer in stock and according to VentureBeat, the company has no plans of restocking the device.

“We’re committed to the Pixel program but we don’t have plans to restock the Pixel 2,” a Google spokesperson told VentureBeat in an email.

While there are certainly high-end Chromebooks out in the market thanks to the like of HP and Acer, having a Google Chromebook in the mix for the “ultimate” experience was fun to see – even if it was a steeply expensive “ultimate” experience.

Another thing that made the Pixel 2 really great besides the horsepower under-the-hood was the touchscreen.  It was and remains a rarity within the Chromebook world and with Android apps

Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook Pixel 2

coming to Chrome OS later this year, a touchscreen on such a device would make a lot of sense.  Hopefully the Acer and HP’s of the world will make a touchscreen Chrome OS device in the coming days.

For now, the Pixel lineup from Google is limited to the Android-based Pixel C and there is no indication from Google on when, or if, we will see a Chrome OS device back in the Pixel lineup.

If you absolutely must have a Chromebook Pixel 2, you can still find them Amazon.  Currently there is a listing for the 4GB/32GB of Storage, i5 processor model for $1099.

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