HTC Refines Nougat Update Dates for Devices

HTC took to Twitter yesterday and clarified the target dates for the Android Nougat update to their devices.  The news is mixed in that it looks like there is still going to be another couple of months before we see the first device updated but, to their credit, the company is being upfront about things.  According to the Tweet, the HTC 10 will be the first of their devices updated and that will happen in Q4 of this year.

Probably more disappointing is that the One A9 will not be updated until after the older One M9.

What makes that a big deal is that when the One A9 was released, the company was quite clear they would update it within 15 days of a software release from the Android team.  By-and-large they

HTC 10

HTC 10

have kept to that, with some updates hitting the target and others being slightly later but still within 30-45 days.  Compared to other manufactures, this is moving at light speed.  But, given the size of the update that is Nougat, the company apparently needs a bit more time to prep things.

The bottom line is that owners of these devices can still be positive.  HTC has up front given an indicator of time.  That is far more than other manufactures have done to this point.

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