It’s Not Just You – Windows Phone Users Unable to Add Gmail Accounts

If you have been trying to add your Gmail account to your Windows Phone over the past few days and keep getting an error, you are not alone.  Currently when users attempt to add their Gmail account to their phone, they get an error indicating that the browser (Edge) is not supported and provides links to download other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).  But, as you will know, that’s not an option for Windows Phone users.

The issue, it seems, is with Google and this isn’t the first time this particular issue has popped up.

Now let’s be honest:  There aren’t just a massive throng of Windows Phone users out there and chances are, they are using and not Gmail.  But for some (Clinton raises his hand) who

Gmail Error on Windows Phone

Gmail Error on Windows Phone

have both platforms running for various reasons, having my Gmail account on both devices is important.  I’m sure I’m not alone.  The issue lies with Google and Microsoft’s not-so-friendly relationship which I’ve written about in the past.  Microsoft has been willing to play with Google but that hasn’t been reciprocated well over these past few years.

Right now there isn’t much you can do as a Windows Phone user with Outlook Mail to get your Gmail.  You can, of course, just open up Edge on your phone and navigate to and check your email that way.  Hopefully Google and Microsoft sort their scene and get this fixed soon.

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