Today’s Deal – Anker PowerCore 5000 is $15 on Amazon Today

Today’s Deal over at Amazon is on the Anker PowerCore 5000.  This 5000 mAh battery is designed to give most phones at least one full charge, with some getting two, all in a compact design.  Right now the PowerCore 5000 is on sale at Amazon for $14.39.  That is a savings of 71% over the regular price.  With that price, you get the external battery pack itself which is in a slim, cylindrical design, a MicroUSB cable and a travel pouch.  This charger is the battery pack my wife has used for years (she has the 4000 mAh model as it is a few years old) and it has been rock solid in durability and performance.

This pack is designed to be portable given that it is only 10cm long (3.9″) by 3cm (1.18″) wide.  It easily fits into a jeans pocket or handbag and when you have it connected to your Android phone

Anker PowerCore 5000

Anker PowerCore 5000

or iPhone, it won’t feel like you are carrying a brick along with your phone.  It has 2A of output so you will get a fast and efficient charge of your device.

How many charges you will get largely depends on the battery size in your phone.  iPhone users and Nexus 5X owners should get 2 charges out of this while those will 3800mAh batteries can expect one and a little bit more.

As with all Anker products, you get an 18 month warranty on the PowerCore 5000 against any defects and you have a 30 day return policy through Amazon themselves.

Quantities are limited so if you want to pick one of these great little charges up, head over to Amazon.

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