Today’s Deal – Enfain 16GB USB Drive 10-Pack for $36

Today’s deal over at Amazon is a good one because it seems there is always a need for an extra USB thumb drive or two.  In this case, 10.  Today you can pick up the Enfain 16GB USB drive in a 10 pack for $35.99.  The drives come in a wide range of color options and all are USB 2.0 compatible in the pack.  With school starting (or having started) and the need to share files, this is a great deal to pick up so you can always have an extra drive laying about the house to give to the kids or transfer files to and from work and home.

The USB drives in today’s deal come with a one year manufactures warranty and a satisfaction guarantee and with a 4.5 star rating out of 5 on Amazon, there are a lot of folks who are quite happy

Enfain 16GB USB 10 Pack

Enfain 16GB USB 10 Pack

with this product from Enfain.

As for the color options, you have plenty but the packs are sold as one color option at a time.  Those colors include:  Black, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple, White and Grey.

The deal on these 10-packs is for today only so be sure to swing by Amazon and pick up a pack or two.  Don’t need 16GB?  No problem!  8GB 10-packs in the same color options are $28.99

Enfain 16GB USB Thumb Drive 10-Pack – $35.99

Enfain 8GB USB Thumb Drive 10-Pack – $28.99

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