Google Pixel Phones Launch October 4

Android fans, time to mark your calendars.  All indications including a teaser video from Google are pointing to the Google Pixel and Pixel XL to be announced on October 4th.  The video, which popped up on Google’s YouTube channel, starts with a search box that slowly morphs into a phone-shaped device by the end of the 30 second clip.  Couple this with the new Made By Google website, which features the same morphing search box, it is clear that the Mountain View company is getting things prepped for their new devices.

There will be two new Pixel phones (the new name as Nexus is going away), the 5.2″ Pixel and the 5.7″ Pixel XL.  While we know that both are built by HTC, speculation on features has been just that:  Speculation.  Nothing concrete has been confirmed on the specs of either phone but if the rumors are true, the XL going to be a powerhouse of a device.  Both devices will come Android Nougat and likely will have the first maintenance release for the version, Android 7.1.

The October 4th date is likely were we will see a lot of new Google tech hit the market such as Google Assistant, Google Home and if the rumors are true, a 4K Chromecast device.

If you haven’t caught the video, here it is.


Who’s excited!?

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