Google Releases Meet Data YouTube Series

On their official YouTube channel, Google has released another series of short videos highlighting a service of the company.  This new series is titled Meet Data and the seven videos show you how the company uses data to help you.  Using examples of how search works to how Google Maps helps you find that location you are looking for, the videos outline how Google uses big data to help you in that process.  Each video also points out that data security and privacy is important.

Having watched all seven of the series, I personally think the search and maps ones are the more interesting ones.  They describe how Google uses data well and give you real examples.  Each are well

Google's YouTube Channel

Google’s YouTube Channel

worth viewing however as it will give you a glimpse into how Google works with data to give you the information that you need.  I also think that the series will answer a question many of us have had at some point in our lives using Google:  How did Google know that?

Take a look at the videos and be sure to subscribe to the company’s YouTube channel.  They have a lot of great content here as well as the television adverts that you see.  For now, here’s my favorite one of the new series.  Because baseball!


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